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Tornado Safe Rooms: An Insider's Guide

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Throughout tornado alley there are thousands of storm shelter companies claiming that their product is superior to all other competitors on the market.    Their statements say something like “can deliver more protection for less than other companies that have come and gone over the years” and “the most innovative storm shelter systems […]

Choose the Right Tornado Shelter for Your Family

There is no doubt that tornadoes are one of the most destructive natural disasters. They can strike with little warning, and the damage they can cause is devastating. As a result, it’s essential for families to have a safe place to go in the event of a tornado.Choosing the right tornado shelter for your family […]

Underground Residential Shelters - Easy Access?

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 For years, the only thing consumers knew about tornado shelters was the basement or some kind of underground cellar.  However, with many developments in the industry, underground residential shelters have evolved from wood, fiberglass, and cement, to a more durable safe room made of steel.  And even though studies have proved the […]

Tornado Safe Room: Above or Below?

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Whether you are looking for an above ground tornado safe room or a below ground tornado safe room, Survive-a-Storm Shelters has a storm shelter that can fit your needs.  We have supplied tornado safe rooms for individuals, couples, small families, large families, small companies, large companies, many public schools and even […]

Underground Storm Shelters -A History

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 What is the history of underground storm shelters…If one was to research the history of underground storm shelters, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that they have been around since the uncertainty of the nuclear weapons era and the overlapping of the fallout shelters that families in America used for protection.  In […]

Fall Planning for Tornado Safety

Fall Planning…People want to know that they are safe.  They don’t want to hope for the best, especially in the throes of a disaster or dangerous situation.  Instead, most people want to be prepared ahead of time for any unexpected storm, no matter what kind is headed their direction.  Although some storms of life are […]

Faraday Cage Effect

Here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters, we use steel to build our world-class storm shelters.  There are many reasons to use steel in manufacturing, but the main reason is simple:  strength. Our steel tornado shelters are stronger than their fiberglass and concrete counterparts.  One of the problems customers encounter with fiberglass and concrete is cracking.  Structural integrity is […]

Invest in Safety: Choosing the Right Shelter

Understanding real consequences of natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world in the last decade or so should make you realize how important preparation is. If you have witnessed or read about the utter devastation from tornadoes or hurricanes such as Katrina or Sandy, then you hopefully agree that having a safety plan in […]

Credentials are a Must

There are many avenues that we could venture down to ensure the safety of the people we love.  To begin with, one of the first things we might need to ask is, “What exactly are we protecting them from?”  One of the most difficult factors to consider is the fickleness of the weather.  For people […]

Does a Root Cellar Offer Tornado Protection?

Have you ever climbed down into a root cellar?Complete with a shaky, unstable ladder and a dusty dirt floor? Most have just a flat piece of wood over the opening. It will keep fruits, and veggies cool all year long.As for safety–when it’s time to hunker down from a raging EF-5 tornado, is this where […]

Installation: Underground Storm Shelter

After filming the above ground installation, I grabbed some burgers for the crew, and we headed out to the below ground installation site.  Our destination was Camilla, Georgia, about an hour north of our plant. We don’t often install in our area, but this particular town has a sad storm story of its own to […]

New Underground Storm Shelter Design

We here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters are big fans of improvement. That is why we have a new underground storm shelter design just in time for the 2012 tornado season! We know that no one person ever has all the answers, and everyone is welcome to voice their opinion. In this kind of environment, people feel […]