The nation has trusted Survive-A-Storm Shelters for protection during the most severe weather - after all, our shelters are rated for EF5-level tornadoes. We now offer an added layer of protection - the StormWarn Alert System. With this fresh approach, there’s no wondering if the danger is really headed your way. And, no worry about what will happen if you go to sleep for the night. We call YOU when the tornado heads your way.

We’ve built community tornado shelters for some of the world’s largest and most reputable companies and we’ve protected families in homes across the country. Headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia, with offices and installation operations across 35 states. Our tornado shelters and, now our alert system, are the trusted name in storm safety.

National Storm Shelter Association Provides Tornado Shelter Oversight

This post was created in November 2013, but has been updated in 2023 for accuracy and to reflect current details. The National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) was formed in 2001 with the idea of protecting people from tornadoes and other disasters by ensuring that their members produce and sell the highest quality storm shelters possible. The

2022 in Tornadoes – A Look at the “Worst”

Your past 12 months are likely full of ups and downs. Looking back at 2022, many people will size up the events in their lives and the significant accomplishments or setbacks. The purpose might be to set an intention for the coming year or to figure out what we want to accomplish.At Survive-A-Storm, we’d like

Choosing a Commercial Tornado Shelter for Your Business

Imagine being at work, all day you’ve heard the sound of driving rain, the skies are dark and now it’s starting to hail. While it’s bad weather, you can’t just leave work every time the sky looks threatening. You’ve just heard that the National Weather Service has upgraded your area from a tornado watch to

When the weather alarms sound, will you have peace of mind?

Storm Shelter Financing

There is no doubt of the importance of purchasing the best storm shelter for you and your family. Keeping that in mind, while everyone wants the ‘best deal on the market’, that best deal might not be the one you want to trust to save the lives of those you love.

Survive-a-Storm Shelters understands that the cost of owning America’s #1 shelter might be a little more out of pocket than expected, however, settling for a mediocre shelter that is substandard, as in concrete or fiberglass, or even one from a company operating under the ‘good old boy’ rule of thumb, is not what will save lives. Survive-a-Storm Shelters have been proven, both in the testing field, and in actual tornadoes.

Our financing options include The Home Depot credit card with 0% interest for 24 months, and The Home Depot Project Loan, making our TwisterPod as low as $58 per month!

We have a relationships with Enhancify and Affirm, which feature affordable monthly payments and funding within 1-3 days!