Above Ground
Residential Storm Shelters

Our above-ground storm shelters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including tornadoes while providing you and your loved ones with a comfortable and secure environment. Our shelters are specifically engineered to be installed above ground, which means that they are easily accessible and can be conveniently located for residential use.



The TwisterPod and TwisterPod Max are practical above-ground tornado shelter solutions for up to six occupants. These make efficient use of space, are an attractive addition to any garage or carport, outside patio, and are ideal for small families or individuals.

TwisterPod 51"x72" 980 4 $3,995
TwisterPod Max 66"x"72" 1300 6 $5,100


Constructed of quarter-inch steel, these above-ground storm shelters are, quite literally, bulletproof: with an NIJ Level 2A ballistics rating.

The Extreme above-ground storm shelters come in six different sizes and come with our unique escape hatch that requires no tools to operate. 

4'x4' 48"x48"x78" 2000 5 $5,300
4'x6' 48"x72"x"78" 2300 8 $5,760
4'x8' 48"x96"x78" 2600 10 $8,270
6'x4' 72"x48"x78" 2300 8 $5,760
6'x6' 72"x72"x78" 2600 12 $8,470
6'x8' 72"x96"x78" 2900 16 $8,985
8'x4' 96"x48"x78" 2600 10 $8,270
8'x6' 96"x72"x78" 2900 16 $8,985


When you need a tornado shelter rated to provide the highest degree of protection against F5 tornadoes and EF5 tornadoes, but you need something that can be assembled interior to a building—you need the Survive-A-Storm Shelters Panelized above-ground tornado shelter.

Our panelized shelters have been used in apartment complexes, condominiums, and office buildings.

4'x4' 48"x48"x84" 1230 5 $5,350
4'x6' 48"x72"x"84" 1465 8 $6,370
4'x8' 48"x96"x84" 1700 10 $7,190
6'x4' 72"x48"x84" 1465 8 $6,370
6'x6' 72"x72"x84" 1825 12 $7,190
6'x8' 72"x96"x84" 1975 16 $8,215
8'x4' 96"x48"x84" 1700 10 $7,190
8'x6' 96"x72"x84" 1975 16 $8,215