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The Time is Now: Create Your Tornado Safety Plan Today

Tornado season is coming fast and so now is the time to prepare a plan of action or freshen up the plan you may already have in place.

For example, your tornado safety plan should include some of the following to-do tasks:

  • Have an evacuation plan in place so that your whole family knows what to do in the event of a tornado.
  • When the weather gets stormy, be sure to check the local weather channel in your area for tornado watches and warnings and know the difference.  Teach your kids the difference, too!
  • Check your shelter to make sure the hinges are greased for easier opening and closing in case your children are stuck home alone.  This makes sure the door swings open and closed more smoothly for faster access.
  • Be sure your shelter is stocked with supplies like blankets, water, and important documents that might get destroyed if the tornado strikes down in your immediate area.
  • Include a list of emergency numbers inside the shelter.
  • Keep a small handheld weather radio to keep updated on the tornado.
  • Keep a first aid kit inside and be sure to teach family members how to administer first aid to anyone else who might be affected by the tornado.
  • Finally, be aware of your child’s emergency evacuation plans for their school, and repeat your tornado action plan several times throughout the year, including the ‘what-if’ scenarios, so your family will be confident and ready when tornado weather rushes in.

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