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When severe weather strikes, what do you do? For many, the answer is “check and see.” When you’ve been warned about tornadoes in your area, but never seen the threat - you may begin to distrust the warning system! Others may stay up late, for fear the storm will get worse, and they’ll miss the alert to take shelter.

Both of these scenarios are a problem. Tornado warnings often go out to broad areas, when the actual threat is smaller. We now offer a location-based alert system. (No shelter purchase necessary.)

When your address is in the National Weather Service polygon - the “REAL” area being threatened - you will get an alert, by phone or text telling you to immediately take shelter. When it’s from us, you know the alert means the threat is real and is in your immediate area! There’s no need to stay up late watching the weather app. We’ll call you if your address is in danger. We only send alerts for very serious threats. If you get an alert from StormWarn - take cover. It’s the real deal.

Once the weather has passed, you'll receive an all-clear phone call, letting you know it is safe to leave your shelter.

Give yourself total peace of mind for only $2.08/month

(Billed @ $25/year)

How It Works


National Weather Service Warning

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The National Weather Service issues a warning for your location.


Alert Text or Call

stormwarn text
stormwarn call
  1. Receive an automated text and phone call when your home is in immediate danger.
  2. No storm shelter purchase is necessary to subscribe.
  3. Alerts are based on your home address.
  4. Two phone numbers per registered address can receive alerts.

All Clear Text or Call

  1. Delivers an automated "All Clear" text and phone call when the threat is over.

  2. There's no questioning when it's safe to come out.

Why Is StormWarn Better Than Your Average Weather App? 

Warnings issued by the National Weather Service are for storm-based areas, called polygons. Local authorities often notify entire areas by county or city of these threats, creating a system where many more people are warned than are actually in danger. This leads people to question the system when they ARE in danger.

With StormWarn, you’ll receive a warning to alert you to the need to take shelter only when your address is in danger. There’s no need to guess if the threat is real.

Give yourself total peace of mind for only $2.08/month

(Billed @ $25/year)
""I get their notifications several minutes BEFORE my weather radio or the news lets us know. Those minutes can be the difference in life or death.""

Ross B.

StormWarn Customer Service:

(800) 260-6695


Reply STOP to a StormWarn message to unsubscribe.