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Affordable, easy-to-install tornado shelters

above ground shelter
above ground shelter
above ground shelter

Above Ground Shelters

Tornado shelters aren't just a smart choice; they're often a necessity. Whether mandated by local regulations or an added safety measure for homeowners, integrating shelters during the construction phase can pose logistical and financial challenges for homebuilders.

Survive-A-Storm changes that with our solution for homebuilders. When you roll the cost of a shelter into your home mortgage, you get protection for pennies a day, just like with any other home upgrade!

Exclusive Builder Benefits:

  • Wholesale Pricing: Leverage our special contractor rates, making the addition of shelters both cost-effective for you and valuable for your clients.
  • Turnkey Solution: Our prefabricated shelters eliminate design hassles or coordination efforts. Simply choose, and we handle the rest.
  • Fast Installation: You can either choose to complete the installation yourself, using our handy installation manuals and training, OR, contact us for a quote to have our team handle the installation. Either way, it's quick, easy and causes only minimum disruptions to your timeline!

Offering the promise of safety against EF5 tornadoes is a significant selling point for any home. With Survive-A-Storm, you can provide an invaluable safety net for future homeowners and gain a competitive edge, while keeping costs in check.

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  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Pre-fabricated
  • Include the shelter cost in home price
  • Rated to withstand 250 mph winds (EF5 tornado equivalent)
  • ICC-500 & FEMA 320 compliant
  • Delivery & installation options available
  • Installed in a garage, on a patio, or concrete slab before, during, or after construction of home

Available Above Ground Models

  • Up to 16 person FEMA-rated occupancy
  • In-swing door
  • 16 anchors provide 70,000 psi ultimate tension strength
  • Lockable storage bench for supplies
  • Large vent supplies ample airflow without impacting the structural integrity of the shelter.
homebuilder cube
  • Up to 6-person FEMA-rated occupancy
  • Overhead ventilation for maximum airflow
  • 12 anchors provide 53,000 psi ultimate tension strength
  • Seats on both sides provide comfort throughout the storm
  • Protective coating to provide a lasting and durable finish
homebuilder pod
  • Up to 16 person FEMA-rated occupancy
  • Side ventilation for maximum airflow, doubles as escape hatch
  • Can be assembled inside a building
  • All panelized shelters have an outward swinging door
  • Protective coating to provide a lasting and durable finish
homebuilder panel
Easy Installation

Incorporate a Survive-A-Storm above-ground shelter into the home's design during the pre-build phase. During construction, the shelter can be anchored directly to the slab, in the home or garage, enabling occupants to access it without going outside. Installation manuals and training can be provided, if needed.


Additional Product Features


Lots of Choices

Our residential above-ground storm shelters are available in many sizes and models. They're designed to fit in garages, closets, ground-level apartments, carports or outside patios. All offer protection against EF5 tornadoes.

turnkey construction process

Turnkey Construction Process

Our prefabricated shelters can be easily installed by most homebuilders using our installation manuals and training. Or, contact us for a quote to have our trained professional technicians handle the install. Most can be installed in an hour, on your existing concrete slab, before, during or after construction of your home.



Storm safety isn't just a fleeting thought for us—it's a commitment. We’re immersed in the industry and actively seek to make our shelters the safest you’ll find. We’re compliant with FEMA, ICC-500, and IBC and are proud members of the National Storm Shelter Association. We scrutinize our shelters at every level.

About Us

Survive-A-Storm is the leading producer of prefabricated steel underground and above-ground tornado shelters, with direct and retail distribution, for commercial and residential use. Headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia, our tornado shelters provide up to and including EF5 protection and can be shipped and installed in 48 states. Survive-A-Storm is a trusted partner of major home improvement retailers, and our quality assurance plans are on file with the National Storm Shelter Association. We voluntarily hold ourselves up to the highest standards in the industry.

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Our Parent Company

RedGuard Diversified Structures is a trusted provider of structures for severe weather and asset protection. Our two brands, Survive-A-Storm Shelters and Matador Steel Buildings, offer comprehensive safety solutions for families and businesses. Our tornado shelters are debris and impact-tested through the Texas Tech Wind Institute to ensure safety, and they bear the seal of the National Storm Shelter Association. Matador's steel buildings are made of rugged steel to protect your assets. We prioritize safety and quality by using high-quality steel and we manufacture in the USA. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, RedGuard Diversified Structures is the trusted choice for protective structures.

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Including a tornado shelter in new homes isn't just a feature—it's a lifeline. Partner with Survive-A-Storm to seamlessly include a tornado shelter in the construction process and in the price of the home. With wholesale pricing and turnkey solutions, you can offer the highest standard of safety without straining your budget or timelines.

Contact us today and take the first step in making tornado safety a standard feature in your new builds.

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