Panelized Choice

Whether you want it installed or whether you like DIY projects, our Panelized above ground steel storm shelters are just the right option for you.

The strong, steel construction is aimed at sheltering up to 5-16 people from any EF5 tornado winds and debris.

The storm shelter can be installed in a closet, bedroom, basement, or any garage.

The perfect fit for a family with limited space, and can be easily relocated in the event of a move.

4'x4' 48"x48"x84" 1230 5 $5,350
4'x6' 48"x72"x"84" 1465 8 $6,370
4'x8' 48"x96"x84" 1700 10 $7,190
6'x4' 72"x48"x84" 1465 8 $6,370
6'x6' 72"x72"x84" 1825 12 $7,190
6'x8' 72"x96"x84" 1975 16 $8,215
8'x4' 96"x48"x84" 1700 10 $7,190
8'x6' 96"x72"x84" 1975 16 $8,215

Price includes delivery to our current service areas:

Delivery outside our service area is a flat rate $250.

Approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.


Installation not included.

Professional installation by an National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) accredited installer is recommended and required to certify the shelter with an NSSA Type 4 Seal. Contact us at 888-360-1492 to provide you with an installer for our service-area locations.

Installation Instructions

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