Extreme Choice

The Extreme is an above-ground storm shelter made of 1/4 inch steel with heavy, 5.4 pound channel reinforcements.

Whether you place it in the yard, under a carport, in the garage, or anywhere else that you have a concrete pad, this storm shelter is created for battle. It features an in-swing door (out-swing on 4'x4') and an escape hatch that's removable from the inside, making it nearly impossible to get trapped by storm debris.

A locking bench seat for your emergency supplies or valuables is also a part of this heavy-duty tornado shelter.

4'x4' 48"x48"x78" 2000 5 $5,300
4'x6' 48"x72"x"78" 2300 8 $5,760
4'x8' 48"x96"x78" 2600 10 $8,270
6'x4' 72"x48"x78" 2300 8 $5,760
6'x6' 72"x72"x78" 2600 12 $8,470
6'x8' 72"x96"x78" 2900 16 $8,985
8'x4' 96"x48"x78" 2600 10 $8,270
8'x6' 96"x72"x78" 2900 16 $8,985

Price includes delivery to our current service areas:

Delivery outside our service area is a flat rate $250.

Approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.
Extreme 6x4, two weeks for delivery.


Installation not included.

Professional installation by an National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) accredited installer is recommended and required to certify the shelter with an NSSA Type 4 Seal. Contact us at 888-360-1492 to provide you with an installer for our service-area locations.

Installation Instructions

Internal Locking

Two additional internal locking mechanisms to double as a safe room.

Conduit Connection

For electrical, coax, cat-5.

Escape Hatch

Quick, tool-less removal for additional escape options.

Bench Storage

Store valuables, a first aid kit, water and no-perishable food supplies in the locking bench.

Triple-Locking Mechanism

Triple-Locking Single-Lever Door Latch

Commercial grade handle with padlock protection.

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