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A Twister Pod: Sarah’s Story

“It was one of the scariest moments of my life.  We ran to the closet under our staircase to hide.  And then came the devastation.  After the tornado ripped through my small hometown, my husband and I knew we had just narrowly escaped the loss of our own home and possibly our lives by a […]

Above Ground Safe Room: Right Choice?

The decision that often causes the most confusion is whether you should use an above ground storm shelter or an underground storm shelter.  There are many options in the ever-evolving world of storm preparedness and storm shelters. Here at Survive-A-Storm we manufacture both above and underground storm shelters, and we believe both types are equally safe […]

Faraday Cage Effect

Here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters, we use steel to build our world-class storm shelters.  There are many reasons to use steel in manufacturing, but the main reason is simple:  strength. Our steel tornado shelters are stronger than their fiberglass and concrete counterparts.  One of the problems customers encounter with fiberglass and concrete is cracking.  Structural integrity is […]

Invest in Safety: Choosing the Right Shelter

Understanding real consequences of natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world in the last decade or so should make you realize how important preparation is. If you have witnessed or read about the utter devastation from tornadoes or hurricanes such as Katrina or Sandy, then you hopefully agree that having a safety plan in […]

Above Ground Storm Shelter: The Myth

If possible, when you receive a tornado warning, get to a shelter. If you don’t have one at your house, take a look at the steel construction of our above ground storm shelter selection, and choose Survive-a-Storm!An above ground storm shelter is a great way to protect yourself and your family since staying in your home is not the […]

Credentials are a Must

There are many avenues that we could venture down to ensure the safety of the people we love.  To begin with, one of the first things we might need to ask is, “What exactly are we protecting them from?”  One of the most difficult factors to consider is the fickleness of the weather.  For people […]

Above Ground Tornado Shelters Options

Survive-a-Storm Shelters offers an array of options for above ground tornado shelters. They come “panelized” to be bolted together when installed, with welded seams to protect from rain, and even with a layer of bullet-resistant material, very similar to Kevlar.When you call us at 888-360-1492 to discuss your above ground tornado shelter purchase, one of […]

Does a Root Cellar Offer Tornado Protection?

Have you ever climbed down into a root cellar?Complete with a shaky, unstable ladder and a dusty dirt floor? Most have just a flat piece of wood over the opening. It will keep fruits, and veggies cool all year long.As for safety–when it’s time to hunker down from a raging EF-5 tornado, is this where […]

Shelter Options with Survive-a-Storm

Additional Shelter Options to Add to Your Comfort and SafetyWhile you hopefully won’t spend much time inside your shelter or safe room, there are several shelter options you may want to consider which will make you feel more comfortable and secure.Jack – We offer a hydraulic jack with our below ground shelters. Sometimes during a […]

Installation: Underground Storm Shelter

After filming the above ground installation, I grabbed some burgers for the crew, and we headed out to the below ground installation site.  Our destination was Camilla, Georgia, about an hour north of our plant. We don’t often install in our area, but this particular town has a sad storm story of its own to […]

Stocking Your Shelter for Emergencies

Being prepared for a storm doesn’t just mean keeping our bodies safe from harm during the actual storm. We must also consider the subsequent effects, after the storm has blown by, those effects which could last for days or even weeks. Often after tornadoes, hurricanes, and even just bad storms, our everyday resources such as […]