Underground Storm Shelters -A History

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 What is the history of underground storm shelters...If one was to research the history of underground storm shelters, it wouldn't be surprising to find that they have been around since the uncertainty of the nuclear weapons era and the overlapping of the fallout shelters that families in America used for protection.  In 1950, Congress simultaneously launched a system of nuclear bomb shelters and a disaster relief for victims of natural disasters.  It was then that the families living in tornado alley realized that these bomb shelters could serve a double purpose.

Out with nuclear bomb shelters, in with underground storm shelters!

 As time passed by, people started to ease up on their worry of being bombed, but the threat of tornadoes remained as natural as the changing seasons. Since then, storm cellars or underground storm shelters have become a necessary part of living life in tornado alley, and most people who do not own one are in search of one to go to during tornado season.


No more living in fear!

As the need for underground storm shelters grew, the development of true, dependable protection came from a trial and error basis.  Everyone thought just finding a place to go below the ground was the key to protection; however, near-absolute protection goes beyond that.  Some underground bunker manufacturers believe in the strength of concrete or the agility of fiberglass.  But for other manufacturers, they know and understand how concrete and fiberglass can crack and leak under pressure.   Given the history of underground storm shelters, test after certified test deems steel as the most reliable material that is required for durable, underground storm shelters. Survive-a-Storm Shelters is a superior company that uses superior US Steel to manufacture our underground storm shelters.  And instead of a ladder as a way of getting down below, our shelters have stairs that you can easily walk down into.  If you want to know more about our residential storm shelters, please give one of our storm shelter experts a call at 1-888-360-1492 today.

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