Fall Planning for Tornado Safety

Fall Planning...People want to know that they are safe.  They don’t want to hope for the best, especially in the throes of a disaster or dangerous situation.  Instead, most people want to be prepared ahead of time for any unexpected storm, no matter what kind is headed their direction.  Although some storms of life are difficult to prepare one’s family for, (i.e. unexpected death or divorce), tornadoes are storms that we can prepare ahead of time for, and what better time than the fall?According to the Mother Nature Network, “In the U.S., tornado season tends to move northward from late winter to mid-summer.”  This makes the fall season a great time to start preparing for the next wave of tornadoes.  That is not to say that tornadoes cannot happen anytime because they are very unpredictable and chaotic; however, with hurricane season kicking in as tornado season begins to dwindle, we cannot rest on our laurels and pretend another spell of tornadoes won’t rip through any minute.

We here at Survive-A-Storm Shelters understand the importance of fall planning and being prepared without sacrificing quality of life in the process.

With numerous financing options available as well as multiple storm shelters to choose from, the team here at Survive-A-Storm Shelters is ready to help every resident in Tornado Alley, or anywhere there is the threat of tornadoes.  We have shelters to fit every household, every situation, and every economy.  Safety and peace of mind shouldn’t be for only those who can afford it.  Survive-A-Storm makes it affordable for everyone.  We have storm shelter experts on standby, ready to answer any questions, offer any guidance, and ease the minds of our clients.  All of our Survive-a-Storm Shelters have been tried and tested, are FEMA compliant, and are able to withstand winds and debris from any EF5 tornado.  Whether you are seeking below ground shelter, or prefer to seek shelter in a safe room above ground, the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) has given us their seal of approval along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)—both non-profit agencies who have no interest in our money, but are truly interested in making sure shelter companies meet and/or exceed their standards.So, don’t keep putting it off—give Survive-A-Storm a call today.  We want to answer your questions, ease your mind, and help you in your journey to give your family one less thing to worry about.  Survive-a-Storm Shelters saves lives.  It’s what we were made to do.  Give us a call today at 888-360-1492.  You can also check out our website at

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