Above Ground Storm Shelter-Safe or Not

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the idea of an above ground storm shelter and whether or not it is safer than going below ground.  However, research has revealed that an above ground storm shelter can be just as effective.  In some cases, our older customers prefer the ease of getting into and out of an above ground steel storm shelter as opposed to walking down a small flight of stairs.  The threat of a tornado already makes many people nervous.  So, by having above ground shelters installed in garages, in many instances, people are appreciating the peace of mind that comes with that.  Furthermore, our above ground steel storm shelters have the option of an ADA compliant door for people with disabilities.

So what makes a Survive-a-Storm above ground storm shelter superior to other companies' shelters?

We use only U.S. steel when manufacturing our shelters; and from the beginning, each step is checked at a checkpoint before moving to its next station.  As each shelter moves through the assembly line, our Quality Control Manager is right there to ensure that our highly trained welders, powder coating linemen, and other line workers have put 100% into each shelter.  Once the units reach the end of the manufacturing process, it doesn't end there.  Next we ship each unit to one of our many locations where installers are on standby, waiting to install your shelter.  Before installation, someone has made sure that your concrete is durable, whether we pour a concrete pad ourselves or whether we are mounting the shelter to your garage floor, by using one of our concrete testers.  We also will have performed a site visit, either virtual or in-person.  We also go through the process of obtaining any building permits that are required for installation.  When mounting your shelter to the concrete, we use only Red Head Anchors which at almost 6,000 PSI per anchor, the shelter is held by over 70,000 PSI of ultimate tension strength.  With this kind of strength holding down your above ground storm shelter, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you and your loved ones are safe.Our shelters are on display in Home Depot locations across the nation and we have several storm shelter experts on standby ready to answer your questions, set up a site visit, and help you choose which unit best fits your needs.  Give us a call at 888-360-1492 to find out more about either our above ground or underground tornado safe rooms.

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