Tornado Shelter Articles

FEMA 320 Shelter Construction Guide

In August 2008, FEMA published a guide called “Taking Shelter From the Storm”. This is the Third Edition of this construction plans and specifications for building a storm shelter safe room for your home or business. (See FEMA 320) The construction plans are available in DWG and PDF formats on the FEMA website. This guide […]

Storm Cellar Shopping? Plan Ahead!

With tornado season mostly over, and we move into the Winter months, it is important to remember next season, and the protection of our self and families. A Steel storm cellar is the best solution for long term investment. There is none of the wear and tear that happens with storm cellars constructed from other materials.Mother  in […]

Is Tornado Alley Moving East?

Tornadoes have traditionally been considered a Midwest phenomenon, appearing in all their twisting terror in the middle of cornfields or spinning across vast prairie land. We have what we call “Tornado Alley,” which includes the states where most of our country’s tornadoes take place: Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and parts of Colorado […]

New Underground Storm Shelter Design

We here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters are big fans of improvement. That is why we have a new underground storm shelter design just in time for the 2012 tornado season! We know that no one person ever has all the answers, and everyone is welcome to voice their opinion. In this kind of environment, people feel […]