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Choosing a Commercial Tornado Shelter for Your Business

Imagine being at work, all day you’ve heard the sound of driving rain, the skies are dark and now it’s starting to hail. While it’s bad weather, you can’t just leave work every time the sky looks threatening. You’ve just heard that the National Weather Service has upgraded your area from a tornado watch to […]

Don't Risk It - Invest in a Commercial Tornado Shelter for your Business

Everyone knows tornadoes are risky. Thanks to Hollywood, we know that tornadoes can be dangerous, even deadly.At their least worrisome, an EF0 tornado can cause mild damage to outbuildings and small sheds, and take shingles off of roofs. At the other end of the Fujita scale, an EF5 tornado can have winds 200-300 mph and […]

Introducing StormWarn - A Tornado Alert That Removes Doubt

It’s National Preparedness Month, but how prepared will you be when a tornado touches down in your area? As you may have read, the area known as tornado alley is changing, and tornados have touched down in all 50 states.If you live in an area where tornados are a common occurrence during parts of the […]

Top 8 Questions About Commercial Tornado Shelters

As the leading national storm shelter provider, we get asked many questions concerning community safe room/tornado shelters that we would like to share.Where is the best location for me to put these shelters?In a general location for all employees/occupants to have a quick entry time.Do you all build and install below ground commercial shelters?Yes! We […]

Community Storm Shelter:Protect the Children

Summer of 2016 is drawing to a close.  Schools have started back all across the nation.  Now is the time we begin to refocus our efforts on the best way to protect our most important asset as a nation:  Our children.  They are our future, and we are their heritage.  What have we left them?  […]

Community Storm Shelter: Does Your Hometown Have One?

Midwesterners are known for their pioneer spirits and their ability to overcome hardships.  They don’t like or expect help from outsiders, especially the government.  Most believe that it isn’t up to the government to provide a community storm shelter but instead, it should be up to the individual home owners.What about those within the community who […]

Looking for the Best Survival Bunkers?

Last Updated: July 28, 2016  Survival Bunkers – everyone has a different opinion about them. But in the prepper community, having your very own survival bunker is as natural as breathing. Who doesn’t want to be prepared for anything? One look around the world in which we live, finding a safe haven in the chaos is […]

Now is the Time to be Tornado Ready

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t come.  But why wait?  Now is the Time to prepare.  You can’t prepare for tornado season too early or too much. That’s what Oklahoma residents learned last week when an F1 tornado hit Moore and Sand Springs and tornadoes were sighted across the state and in […]

Powder Coating vs. Painting…No Contest

Is the suspense killing you?  Okay.  A powder coated safe room or storm shelter wins hands-down every time!  That’s why all Survive-a-Storm safe rooms and storm shelters are powder coated to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product on the market.  Here’s how it works.  Powder coating is a process of covering an […]

Community Shelters: Which Shelters are Best?

Government officials in Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley have more than just road construction and school lunch programs to factor into their budgets: they have to consider the mortal safety of residents in their community. Most of these states have taken up initiatives to build storm shelters, knowing that they’re pretty much necessary to survival […]