Steel Storm Shelters: Remain Strong in All Weather

Steel, one of the strongest building materials around, is the best material for storm shelters in today's unpredictable and extreme weather events. This is why Survive-a-Storm Shelters uses 10 gauge steel for all of its residential units and 1/4" steel plate for its community safe rooms. Why do we believe steel storm shelters are the best choice? Below are just a couple of quick reasons:

Steel isn't porous, which means moisture in the air or soil surrounding it cannot penetrate its walls. This is important, because a porous material, like concrete for instance, will hold moisture...which expands when it's cold and retracts when it's warm. This causes cracking and crumbling in the concrete. A crumbling concrete structure is not very safe against high winds and flying debris. In a steel storm shelter, however, especially one powder-coated or covered in coal tar epoxy (methods which deter rusting), there is none of the expanding and contracting. The steel remains intact, no matter what.

Steel storm shelters are almost indestructible by virtue of its relative pliability.

Say a heavy, sharp piece of debris falls onto the door of your below ground storm shelter. If you shelter is made of fiberglass, that object will pierce the fiberglass material, ruining it forever. A steel door on a steel storm shelter will only dent, a superficial wound, per se. And dents can be banged back out. Your door (or even your shelter) won't have to be replaced.Steel is heavy duty! It's heavy, it's thick, and it's the absolutely perfect material for a quality storm shelter.Survive-a-Storm team believes in the dependability, durability, and life-saving power of our steel storm shelters.  If you would like to know more information, please give us a call at 888-360-1492 to find out more.  We also have financing options and storm shelter loans available.

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