Tornado and Storm Shelter Testimonies

The History of Storm Chasing

Did you know? The year 2022 is the 50th anniversary of storm chasing.In the spring of 1972, two meteorologists from the National Severe Storms Laboratory and Notre Dame University came to the student chapter of the American Meteorological Society at the University of Oklahoma. At the time, I was a meteorology student. They requested that […]

Meteorologist Mike Smith Partners with Survive-A-Storm for Educational, Informative Content

The Survive-A-Storm blog is an informational hub for storm and tornado safety. As the leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential storm shelters in the United States, Survive-A-Storm, is proud to announce that it has teamed up with one of the nation’s most well-known and respected meteorologists, Mike Smith. Smith will be contributing to the Survive-A-Storm […]

Our Above Ground Tornado Shelter Receives Rave Reviews

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Have you ever wondered which above ground tornado shelter is the best value per price on the market?  For many storm shelter companies, their sales tend to rise and fall as the tornado season rises and falls.  When the weather is great, those same companies are wishing for the next big tornado so […]

Storms of Life: Marie And Neal's Story

Marie and Neal weren’t home the day their lives were forever changed.  Their wedding day, May 1, 1999 was only two days before, and although they only had the weekend to celebrate their new union, they both took time off from work on Monday to travel back from their honeymoon weekend in Dallas.  As they […]

A Twister Pod: Sarah’s Story

“It was one of the scariest moments of my life.  We ran to the closet under our staircase to hide.  And then came the devastation.  After the tornado ripped through my small hometown, my husband and I knew we had just narrowly escaped the loss of our own home and possibly our lives by a […]