Storm Stories From Oklahoma: Don't Let Fear Rule

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 For Sarah, the moments before the tornado hit were some of the scariest of her life. For Marie and Neal, their fear persisted long after the tornado ended. The difference? Sarah and her family installed a Survive-a-Storm shelter; Marie and Neal did not.  These are just two of the storm stories people across tornado alley retell.

Storm Stories-take 1

Sarah and her husband turned to Survive-a-Storm Shelters when they decided to protect themselves against future Oklahoma storms. They did their research and chose a steel storm shelter that -- thankfully -- fit their family size and their budget.

“The Twister Pod by Survive-a-Storm Shelters is a perfect fit for our family.  The unit is designed to hold 4 people and we manage to make room for our dog Bella.  The cost is very affordable and they offer financing options for even young families like ours.  The Twister Pod is made of American steel, and fits perfectly into our garage.  The best thing, however, is the fact that our Twister Pod is FEMA compliant and Survive-a-Storm Shelters upholds to the standards of the NSSA, which means someone is checking to make sure their shelters are reliable and offer near absolute protection for my family.” – Sarah

Storm Stories-take 2

Marie and Neal's home in  Bridge Creek, Okla., was spared when the tornado hit. But Marie's parents' home was destroyed. The two couples shared the surviving home as they looked for ways to rebuild their lives, but the impact that the EF5 had on their family was too much.  Sadly, the two couples eventually moved from the state that they loved for fear of the next tornado.The lesson here? Don't let fear rule the day. Act to protect your family with a Survive-a-Storm shelter, either above ground or underground. All of our FEMA-compliant Survive-a-Storm Shelters have been tried and tested and are able to withstand winds and debris from any EF5 tornado. And with affordable pricing and the many financing options we have made available to our customers, nearly anyone can afford one, just like Sarah and her family.You can find our products inside many of The Home Depot stores in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.  They even sell our units on their website at So come check us out on the web at or call 1-888-360-1492.


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