Meteorologist Mike Smith Partners with Survive-A-Storm for Educational, Informative Content

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The Survive-A-Storm blog is an informational hub for storm and tornado safety.

As the leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential storm shelters in the United States, Survive-A-Storm, is proud to announce that it has teamed up with one of the nation’s most well-known and respected meteorologists, Mike Smith. Smith will be contributing to the Survive-A-Storm blog on a regular basis.

Smith, who resides in Wichita, Kansas, developed his stellar reputation as an innovative meteorologist while working and studying storm patterns throughout the area commonly known as Tornado Alley. In his career, he has been devoted to keeping people safe in extreme weather. He has done that through his work as a meteorologist at television stations in St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Wichita, before moving on to develop WeatherData, Inc. His innovations were key to recent advancements in delivering advance warnings of severe weather alerts, including tornadoes, lightning, flash floods, and blizzards. WeatherData, Inc was eventually acquired by Accuweather, and his continuing work with the company and its technologies has subsequently saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars in property damage.

Smith has already begun writing articles for the blog that are both relevant to commercial interests, like developing severe storm plans for your company, and some that are geared toward residential interests like when it’s safe to come out of your storm shelter. The Survive-A-Storm blog is intended to be an informational hub for storm and tornado safety, as well as a place to talk about and compare the benefits of storm shelters.

“There are two vital aspects to surviving tornadoes: the first is the tornado warning, where I have spent my career and the sheltering. I’m very glad to be working with Survive-A-Storm on the second half of the equation. Our goal is to save even more lives.” said Smith.

Survive-A-Storm Shelters are manufactured in Thomasville, GA, by RedGuard Diversified Structures, formerly Steel Corp. It is part of RedGuard, headquartered in Wichita, KS, which manufactures a variety of modular protective structures.

The leading manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated steel above ground and below ground tornado shelters, and community safe rooms.
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