Kaitlin Parramore

Community Storm Shelter: Does Your Hometown Have One?

Midwesterners are known for their pioneer spirits and their ability to overcome hardships.  They don’t like or expect help from outsiders, especially the government.  Most believe that it isn’t up to the government to provide a community storm shelter but instead, it should be up to the individual home owners.What about those within the community who […]

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Powder Coating vs. Painting…No Contest

Is the suspense killing you?  Okay.  A powder coated safe room or storm shelter wins hands-down every time!  That’s why all Survive-a-Storm safe rooms and storm shelters are powder coated to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product on the market.  Here’s how it works.  Powder coating is a process of covering an […]

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Community Shelters: Which Shelters are Best?

Government officials in Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley have more than just road construction and school lunch programs to factor into their budgets: they have to consider the mortal safety of residents in their community. Most of these states have taken up initiatives to build storm shelters, knowing that they’re pretty much necessary to survival […]

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