Storm Shelter Articles

Oregon on alert as funnel clouds could form

Just when the weather seems safe, everything can change. Take today, for example.This morning, the National Weather Service in Portland said funnel clouds could form in Oregon, when stormy conditions straddled the Interstate 5 corridor, stretching from south of Cottage Grove all the way north of Kelso, Wash.The NWS predicted showers with scattered thunderstorms spreading across southwest […]

Keeping Kids Busy in the Tornado Shelter

You were wise. You planned ahead. You purchased a storm shelter. You outfitted it with the necessities. But how do you keep the kids busy while they are waiting out the storm?If you want to keep the kiddos calm and distracted when your family has to take shelter, make sure you have a few supplies on […]

Albany Tornadoes 2017: We Remember

One year ago, this month, Southwest Georgia area was caught off-guard by one of the sneakiest and most unexpected EF3 tornadoes.  Of course, there were a total of eight southern states that were affected by the swarm of tornadoes.For our Survive-a-Storm team members, however, the tornado that struck Albany was a grim reminder that what […]

Remembering the Tuscaloosa Tornado of 2000

Be prepared, lest we forget. Just ask the folks who live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Oftentimes after a tragedy occurs, we spend the next few years honoring those who may have fallen, or who may have been affected by said tragedy.  As life goes on and we begin to heal, we move further away from the […]

Preparing for What Scares You Most

We live in a world with so much going on around us all the time.  One commodity that we fight for is protection.  We seek shelter from things that scare us or that have the capacity to harm us.  Shelter seekers are often running from things like terrorist attacks, government corruption, economic collapse, home invasions, […]

Below Ground Storm Shelters: What to Expect

Residential storm shelters have come a long way in the last several years.  These days, if someone is talking about their storm shelter, often, they are referring to an above ground structure that is located inside the garage or home for easy access. That’s not to say that the below ground shelters are becoming obsolete. […]

Purchase a Storm Shelter - Solid. Safe. Secure.

2017 kicked off the year so far with a scary record number of tornadoes.  According to the NOAA National Weather Service, there were 138 recorded tornadoes in January 2017 and only 18 for the month of January 2016.  There have also been 20 deaths so far, this year.  Typically, tornado season begins March and carries […]

The Great Weather Pendulum: October

A pendulum is something that tends to move from one position, condition, etc., to the opposite extreme and then back again. In the case of the weather in October, the temperature pendulum causes people in many states to pull out sweaters, blankets, and boots. People begin dressing in layered clothing before heading out to work, […]

Why Worry —Choose Peace of Mind Today

Worry.  It’s something many of us do on a daily basis.  And we fret over a variety of reasons—our children, our finances, our jobs, the weather—the list is overwhelming and oftentimes endless.Worry steals our joy, our peace, and our time.So how can we stop the awful trend of worrying?  Some people turn to spirituality, some […]

Bad Things Happen: We Can Help

Fact: Bad things happen.Fact: Bad things happen to good people.For example, on this day in history, in 1963, four young African-American girls were killed in a Baptist church bombing during a Sunday Service.  In 2001, President George W Bush identified Osama Bin Laden as the prime suspect in the 9/11 attacks against the US.  America […]

Being Prepared: Pet Protection

As humans, we have an innate desire of being protected from natural and/or man-made disasters.  Our first instinct is to circle our wagons and protect our families and our loved ones.  Pet owners always include their furry family members in this circle of protection.  And why not?  Just like our children and other dependents, our pets rely […]

Protection: What Do You Need It For?

Reaching out to others.  That’s the hope.  And yet, we also feel the need for protection.  Of ourselves.  Of our circle—family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and so on.  So how does that work?  Well, for starters, we need to understand what we need protection from, and for whom?  Do we want/need protection from tornadoes?  Or from […]