Alabama Storm Shelters

Most everyone has heard of Tornado Alley, and more recently, in the Southeast part of the United States where tornadoes are even more violent and prevalent, the area has been dubbed Dixie Alley, which is simply an extension of the same.  But no matter what you decide to call the place where tornadoes run rampant, in Alabama, residents just call it home.

For the past several years, Survive-a-Storm Shelters has been providing residential and commercial storm shelters to both Alabama companies and citizens alike. 

All of our customers have found safety and security in both our Twister Pod and Extreme above-ground steel storm shelters, as well as our underground storm shelters. We have developed strong relationships with organizations like the Alabama Manufacturing Housing Commission (AMHC) as well as many of the local Home Depot locations where our tornado safe rooms are on display (as listed below).

Simply enter your zip code below to quickly find the Home Depot store in Alabama that carries Survive-a-Storm Shelters nearest to you. 

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