Storm Shelter Articles

Defeating Tornado Myths

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most elusive and almost mystical phenomena. As a result, a large number of myths have developed around them throughout the decades. Unfortunately, those myths can put you and your family in great danger if a tornado approaches. So, we’ll run down some of the most common:Tornadoes will not strike     […]

Derechos, Tornados and The Supply Chain?

What caused this latest setback in the United States’ baby formula shortage? A derecho.”Abbott Laboratories said it has paused baby-formula production at its plant in Sturgis, MI, after recent thunderstorms flooded part of the facility, causing another setback for the company’s efforts to help alleviate a nationwide formula shortage.”Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf […]

The 10 Deadliest Tornadoes in US History

Tornadoes are far deadlier than most realize. Until the Weather Bureau began tornado warnings in the 1950s, tornadoes caused triple-digit death tolls surprisingly often. It is estimated that during a bad year, such as 2011, total tornado deaths in the USA might exceed two thousand if warnings didn’t exist.While tornadoes have happened in all 50 […]

Two Andover, Kansas Tornadoes: 1991 and 2022 Comparison

How Sheltering Saved Lives in These Similar Tornadoes Seventeen deaths versus zero deaths. An important tornado safety lesson was gleaned from the recent tornado affecting Wichita and Andover, Kansas. On April 29, 2022, a strong tornado touched down in the far southeast part of the City of Wichita at 8:10 pm. The 2022 tornado moved […]

How Businesses Can Learn from OSHA's Hazard Alert Letter to Amazon

Imagine working in a warehouse with the sound of hailstones pounding the roof, while thunder periodically roars. You check the radar on your smartphone but it is just a mass of confusing colors. Apprehension rises among the staff as something feels “off.” Suddenly, the sound of wind becomes deafening as the west wall begins to […]

Making a Severe Storm Safety Plan for your Family

Weather patterns are changing and the last few years have been some of the most active and deadliest for tornadoes. So, what can you do to prepare if you are worried that you and your family might be in the path of upcoming severe weather, like hurricanes, tropical storms, or tornadoes? For starters, begin with […]

When Is It Safe To Come Out of a Tornado Shelter After a Tornado Warning?

Tornado warnings and when it’s safe to come out. Being under a tornado warning is a stressful time. The thought of your home being damaged, eerie sirens screaming, and deep concern for your family by themselves is enough to get your blood pressure up. But, being in an unfamiliar location such as a bathtub, closet, […]

Answers to Some Basic Questions about Storm Shelters

If you’re considering buying a storm shelter to protect your family, the employees at your small business, or the members of your community, you probably have a lot of questions. Here at Survive-a-Storm, we’ve got answers! And you can definitely trust Survive-a-Storm to give you dependable answers. After all, multiple Fortune 500 companies including Walmart […]

Safer in a Storm Shelter, Even During a Pandemic

The threats associated with the Coronavirus known as COVID-19 are dominating the news cycle. But it’s important to remember that, even during the pandemic, other deadly hazards haven’t gone away. It’s spring, and tornadoes and other severe weather events are still ravaging the United States. Yes, COVID-19 is real. But its ongoing presence does not […]

Top 8 Questions About Commercial Tornado Shelters

As the leading national storm shelter provider, we get asked many questions concerning community safe room/tornado shelters that we would like to share.Where is the best location for me to put these shelters?In a general location for all employees/occupants to have a quick entry time.Do you all build and install below ground commercial shelters?Yes! We […]

When It Comes to Tornadoes, No News Is Good News

For the first time ever, we are days away from this becoming the first year in the modern record with no violent tornadoes touching down in the United States.That means no tornadoes were rated EF4 or EF5 this year. It also means the 10 tornado deaths in 2018 are competing for the record low.Why the downward […]

Preparing for a Tornado: Know the Risks and the Signs

Whether you live in a high-risk tornado zone or not, it is essential that you know the risks and the signs of a tornado in order to be prepared. Follow this advice from Know your area’s tornado risk. In the U.S., the Midwest and the Southeast have a greater risk for tornadoes. Know the signs […]