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Above or Below Ground—What Works Best for Me?

We get this question all the time—what are the pros and cons of each?  Let’s take a look:Below Ground Shelters:    Pros:You are underground, so the chances of a tornado getting to you are nearly impossible.It doesn’t take up any of your “living space”Cons: Rain might seep in while you are hiding inside.Not ADA compliantBugs and other…

FEMA: What Is It?

FEMA, also known as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is a government agency that assists communities in times of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural or man-made disasters.  Every county across the nation has or should have an Emergency Management Agency that works within their county to assist in disasters.  They help obtain funding for…

Communicate With Safety Apps: Let Them Know You Are Safe

Many natural and unexpected disasters occur every single day.  It is the ‘not knowing’ if people in your circle are alive and okay that can cause even more trauma to those who are left to wonder until contact has been made.  Thankfully in today’s world of excessive communication through social media outlets and new and…

Volunteering After a Tornado

There are several great organizations that assist those in need after man-made and natural disaster occur.  Knowing who to call is key.  Red Cross is one of the top volunteer organizations who begin organizing and developing teams to go into devastated areas and begin with clean-up, helping those in need of medical assistance or who…

Take Shelter from Tornadoes—But Not There!

To ditch or not to ditch, THAT is the question. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were driving down the road and spotted a tornado heading your way? Our nature might direct us towards the nearest underpass and hide there until it is over. Surely an underpass is strong enough to…

Tornado Hazard Aftermath

Once a tornado has swept through, causing damage in your area, there are hazards that you need to be aware of so that you and others around you will stay safe.  Sometimes people get so caught up in the damages, or are ecstatic for still being alive, they don’t stop to think about other dangers…

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