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Storm Shelter Grants - We Accept Them!

Texas is a state that cares about its citizens.  In fact, they care enough to put programs in place to help local citizens feel safe in their own homes.  One such program, the North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program, is one of the storm shelter grants that the North Central Texas Council of Governments…

Preparing for What Scares You Most

We live in a world with so much going on around us all the time.  One commodity that we fight for is protection.  We seek shelter from things that scare us or that have the capacity to harm us.  Shelter seekers are often running from things like terrorist attacks, government corruption, economic collapse, home invasions,…

Crazy Tornadoes: Is There a Shift in the Ranks?

Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama typically outrank other states for the most tornadoes each year. However, all three states have been bumped down while Georgia has claimed the number one spot in the nation when this was written in 2017. January 21-22 staged a two-day outbreak which broke state records and rocked the Southwestern area of…

Tornado Myths - What Have You Heard?

Tornadoes have been a weather phenomenon for centuries.  And with that, come many tornado myths.  From the first published photographs of tornadoes, people were both in awe and afraid of them.  The chaotic whirlwinds can blow through a town and destroy one side of the street, one home on a street, or demolish the entire…

Answer the Call: Geolocator Service

A message from Cynthia:My cell phone rang at the most inopportune time.  My hands were full.  I was busy carrying in groceries and dealing the children.  The dog was barking and a storm was headed our way.  I ignored the call, think one more thing was just too much.    My husband is a truck driver who…

Can Hurricanes Spawn Tornadoes?

When it comes to hurricanes, meteorologists can generally give impact areas a few days notice of when and where it might hit.  I can remember my father preparing our home for Hurricane Allen when we lived in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He boarded up the windows and tied down anything we had outside that couldn’t fit…

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