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Keeping Kids Busy in the Tornado Shelter

You were wise. You planned ahead. You purchased a storm shelter. You outfitted it with the necessities. But how do you keep the kids busy while they are waiting out the storm?If you want to keep the kiddos calm and distracted when your family has to take shelter, make sure you have a few supplies on…

Thankful community gets storm shelter

By Ben Nunnally, Star Staff Writer, Residents of the Thankful community west of Anniston have one more thing to be happy about: a new storm shelter on 14th Street at Thankful Community Park. The shelter — called a “community safe room” in FEMA’s codes — has room for about 96 occupants, according to Georgia-based manufacturer…

Hurricane Michael: Tornadoes Cause Damage

Driving through our small town of Thomasville and seeing the destruction that Hurricane Michael caused, my heart is heavy.  I think about Panama City, Tyndall Air Force Base, and what used to be Mexico Beach, and I wonder how so many displaced people are just supposed to pick back up and start all over.  Where…

Oklahoma Weather—Strange and Unusual

 So far, Mother Nature seems to be in stealth mode where tornadoes are concerned.  Is she is just being lazy or is this the calm before the storm?  Either way, the fact that not one tornado has been recorded in the state of Oklahoma since October 21, 2017 leaves many residents thankful for the quiet.  Rick…

Albany Tornadoes 2017: We Remember

One year ago, this month, Southwest Georgia area was caught off-guard by one of the sneakiest and most unexpected EF3 tornadoes.  Of course, there were a total of eight southern states that were affected by the swarm of tornadoes.For our Survive-a-Storm team members, however, the tornado that struck Albany was a grim reminder that what…

Remembering the Tuscaloosa Tornado of 2000

Be prepared, lest we forget. Just ask the folks who live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.Oftentimes after a tragedy occurs, we spend the next few years honoring those who may have fallen, or who may have been affected by said tragedy.  As life goes on and we begin to heal, we move further away from the event…

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