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Two Andover, Kansas Tornadoes: 1991 and 2022 Comparison

How Sheltering Saved Lives in These Similar Tornadoes Seventeen deaths versus zero deaths. An important tornado safety lesson was gleaned from the recent tornado affecting Wichita and Andover, Kansas. On April 29, 2022, a strong tornado touched down in the far southeast part of the City of Wichita at 8:10 pm. The 2022 tornado moved…

Meteorologist Mike Smith Partners with Survive-A-Storm for Educational, Informative Content

The Survive-A-Storm blog is an informational hub for storm and tornado safety. As the leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential storm shelters in the United States, Survive-A-Storm, is proud to announce that it has teamed up with one of the nation’s most well-known and respected meteorologists, Mike Smith. Smith will be contributing to the Survive-A-Storm…

How Businesses Can Learn from OSHA's Hazard Alert Letter to Amazon

Imagine working in a warehouse with the sound of hailstones pounding the roof, while thunder periodically roars. You check the radar on your smartphone but it is just a mass of confusing colors. Apprehension rises among the staff as something feels “off.” Suddenly, the sound of wind becomes deafening as the west wall begins to…

Making a Severe Storm Safety Plan for your Family

Weather patterns are changing and the last few years have been some of the most active and deadliest for tornadoes. So, what can you do to prepare if you are worried that you and your family might be in the path of upcoming severe weather, like hurricanes, tropical storms, or tornadoes? For starters, begin with…

When Is It Safe To Come Out of a Tornado Shelter After a Tornado Warning?

Tornado warnings and when it’s safe to come out. Being under a tornado warning is a stressful time. The thought of your home being damaged, eerie sirens screaming, and deep concern for your family by themselves is enough to get your blood pressure up. But, being in an unfamiliar location such as a bathtub, closet,…

Hurricane Preparation

No matter what else is happening in the world—we’ll still have to plan for hurricane season. Hurricanes, like tornadoes, aren’t going to stop forming just because our headlines are focusing on other events. And they aren’t going to be any less deadly, either. The Atlantic hurricane season officially lasts from June 1st to November 30th,…

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