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Commercial Storm Shelters: Industry Led by SAS

Survive-A-Storm Shelters is one of only several commercial storm shelter companies in the United States, and it is the only one that has completed in excess of $70 million in government contracting with FEMA over the past decade.  Add this to the fact that the company has earned a $153 million contract with the Department…

Community Shelters: Which Shelters are Best?

Government officials in Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley have more than just road construction and school lunch programs to factor into their budgets: they have to consider the mortal safety of residents in their community. Most of these states have taken up initiatives to build storm shelters, knowing that they’re pretty much necessary to survival…

Installation: Underground Storm Shelter

After filming the above ground installation, I grabbed some burgers for the crew, and we headed out to the below ground installation site.  Our destination was Camilla, Georgia, about an hour north of our plant. We don’t often install in our area, but this particular town has a sad storm story of its own to…

Stocking Your Shelter for Emergencies

Being prepared for a storm doesn’t just mean keeping our bodies safe from harm during the actual storm. We must also consider the subsequent effects, after the storm has blown by, those effects which could last for days or even weeks. Often after tornadoes, hurricanes, and even just bad storms, our everyday resources such as…

Is Tornado Alley Moving East?

Tornadoes have traditionally been considered a Midwest phenomenon, appearing in all their twisting terror in the middle of cornfields or spinning across vast prairie land. We have what we call “Tornado Alley,” which includes the states where most of our country’s tornadoes take place: Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and parts of Colorado…

A Safe Room That is Safe

Many people prefer to shelter underground, and that makes great sense. Flying debris certainly isn’t going to penetrate 3-4 feet of earth. However, if you live in a place where a below ground shelter isn’t feasible, or if you just want a shelter inside your basement or garage for convenience, an above ground safe room is just as…

New Underground Storm Shelter Design

We here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters are big fans of improvement. That is why we have a new underground storm shelter design just in time for the 2012 tornado season! We know that no one person ever has all the answers, and everyone is welcome to voice their opinion. In this kind of environment, people feel…

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