Survive-a-Storm National GeoLocator Service

The tornado has struck your town, but you were prepared. You did your research, and you discovered Survive-a-Storm Shelters–America’s Storm Shelter Provider. Your shelter was installed by skilled Survive-a-Storm Shelters installation technicians.  Everything was great, until your home was struck by a tornado.

The damage was devastating, but you and your family are safe inside of your Survive-a-Storm EF5 rated tornado shelter. There’s only one catch: the entrance to your shelter has been blocked by tornado debris.

But you’re not concerned, because you are subscribed to Survive-a-Storm’s National GeoLocator Service. We were alerted when a tornados struck your neighborhood, and we began placing calls to your emergency contact numbers. We couldn’t reach you, so we called your neighbor. His house was fine, but he said that yours was leveled.  So we called local first responders who dispatched a crew to remove the debris that was blocking the entrance to your shelter.

You made the right choice. Had you purchased your storm shelter from another provider, you might have been trapped in your shelter unbeknownst to first responders.


Our company offers its proprietary National GeoLocator Service to all residential tornado shelter customers FREE OF CHARGE for 10 years. If there’s a tornado in your area, we will give you a call to make sure that you’re not trapped inside of your tornado safe room and that you are otherwise okay. This $1,200 value is our gift to you.

  • Free 10-Year Subscription
  • 24-7-365 Responsiveness $1,200 Value…Priceless Service
  • Up to 3 Additional Wellness Contacts
  • We Call to Confirm that You’re Okay
  • If We Can’t Confirm, We Alert Authorities
  • No More Worrying about Getting Trapped Survive-a-Storm is Here for You
  • Only Available through Survive-a-Storm