Quonset Style Community Tornado Shelters 10ft Wide

Our 10-foot-wide Survive-a-Storm Quonset Style above ground community tornado shelters are a favorite for many of our customers.  Rated to withstand an EF5 tornado, these shelters are prefabricated from quarter-inch cold rolled steel at our factory in Thomasville, Georgia and shipped to the installation site and set by crane onto a massive steel reinforced concrete foundation.

With companies like Oglethorpe Power Company and  Proctor & Gamble, our 10-foot-wide shelters fit nicely within their facilities and can be sized to each company’s specific needs.  While Proctor and Gamble only needed one of our smaller 10×8 shelters, other companies opted for our 10×48 units such as Toyota and CH Robinson.  Whatever requirements or expectations that a company, organization, or community demands, we can meet their needs.



Quonset Style Community Tornado Shelters 12ft Wide

Our 12-foot-wide Quonset style above ground steel community tornado shelters have stood the test of time and the trial of tornado winds. These community community tornado shelters meet FEMA 361 guidelines to provide “near absolute protection against EF5 tornado winds.”

For some of our other customers who required a little more room and who wanted more options, they choose our 12-foot-wide shelters.  Duncan Public Schools opted for several of our 12×56 shelters to protect the children, teachers, and staff of their school district.  Conway Corporation and MeadWestvaco also chose our 12-foot-wide Quonset style shelters as did many mobile home park owners wishing to protect their residents during a tornado.

If you have a few or a few hundred people to protect, rest assured, we can build it.  Not only will it meet your needs and exceed your expectations, but all of our shelters meet/exceed FEMA requirements, are sealed by the NSSA (National Storm Shelter Association), and are built according to ICC-500 Building Codes.


Quonset Style Community Tornado Shelters 10ft Wide Side-by-Side

For customers who want their shelters side-by-side, we also build connectors to make shelters feel even more unified as its occupants ride out the storm.  Not only does having a walk-way between the two shelters make finding your loved ones easier, but it can also keep more occupants in a closer setting.


Quonset Style Community Tornado Shelters 12ft Wide Side-by-Side


Sectional Community Tornado Shelters

The Survive-a-Storm Sectional Community Tornado Shelter is transported to the installation site in sections and assembled on-site and mounted to a massive concrete foundation. These design/build projects are ideal for use as factories, warehouses, office buildings, or garages. They are designed and constructed to withstand 250 MPH EF5 tornado winds and can be tailored to meet the client’s specifications.

There is only one company in the world that possesses the breadth and depth of experience to successfully execute such complex projects, which is why the U.S. Government contacts Survive-a-Storm Shelters to protect members of the armed forces, DOD employees, and civilian contractors.


Extreme Above Ground Community Tornado Shelters

The Survive-a-Storm Shelters Extreme above ground tornado shelters are constructed of quarter-inch steel. These above ground shelters are, quite literally, bulletproof: with an NIJ Level 2A ballistics rating.

The Extreme above ground tornado shelters come in six different sizes and come with our unique escape hatch that requires no tools to operate. These above ground shelters provides near absolute protection against 250 MPH EF5 tornado winds and carries the National Storm Shelter Association seal. Whether you’re looking for a hidden safe room for your family or an above ground tornado shelter, Survive-a-Storm builds the best storm shelters and bunkers in the USA.


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