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Above Ground Storm Shelters Are Safe

The statement in the headline of this post is correct, despite the belief of many that the best place to be in a tornado is underground. In fact, it has been known for some time that above-ground storm shelters are a safe and cost-effective storm shelter solution for homeowners to survive an EF5 tornado.According to a research paper…

How to Write An RFP for a Commercial Tornado Shelter

If your company is in the market for a tornado shelter, chances are, you’ll want to get multiple quotes and find out what’s available before making your purchase.If you’re a small company with few employees, that might be an easy task; in fact, you might not even need a large commercial tornado shelter. In that…

When Hurricanes Cause Tornadoes

Most of the time, when we think of tornadoes, we think of deafening thunder, crashing hailstones, and, sometimes, green skies. (These are supercell tornadoes.) But, with a certain type of tornado – those caused by hurricanes – none of that is the case. Hurricanes and tornadoes have a complex relationship. Some hurricanes produce few or…

Near Absolute Safety: Install a Safe Room

Want near absolute safety in a tornado or hurricane? Install a safe room or community storm shelter. That’s the advice from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), which has established guidelines to make sure community members are safe during extreme-wind events. Those FEMA guidelines for the design and construction of community safe rooms are based…

Introducing StormWarn - A Tornado Alert That Removes Doubt

It’s National Preparedness Month, but how prepared will you be when a tornado touches down in your area? As you may have read, the area known as tornado alley is changing, and tornados have touched down in all 50 states.If you live in an area where tornados are a common occurrence during parts of the…

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