We're proud members of the NSSA

Survive-a-Storm Shelters is happy to announce that we are an official producer member of the NSSA, or National Storm Shelter Association. Each of our shelters will now carry the official seal of the NSSA. Our customers will also receive a certificate stamped with the NSSA’s raised seal, which verifies our commitment to the highest standards of safety.About the NSSAThe National Storm Shelter Association was created in 2000 to set up standards in the storm shelter industry which hadn’t before been in place. Its inception was prompted after the disastrous Oklahoma City tornadoes of May 1999.  After these storms, many storm shelter companies were formed, and lots of shelters were installed without regulations, as the only guide at the time was the FEMA 320 standards, and some shelter styles were not found within its pages.

Today the NSSA seal is proof that a storm shelter company upholds the highest standards for quality.

"Our rules say that the a shelter must be shown to meet debris impact criteria and that drawings and specifications for shelters must be submitted to a well-qualified, NSSA-approved third party engineering company to assure compliance with all other aspects of the standard. Only after these requirements are met does the shelter producer join NSSA and earn the privilege of affixing a seal to the shelter."

--Executive Director’s message: NSSA’s website

Only a select few storm shelter companies have made the NSSA’s list, and Survive-a-Storm Shelters is one of them.  Give us a call today at 1-888-360-1492. You can be sure of the best when you choose Survive-a-Storm Shelters.

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