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The Time is NOW

“I don’t have time!”

I’m a textbook procrastinator at heart.  I put things off until the very last possible minute.  And then claim I don’t have the time.  I wait to do laundry until I have a pile that a Westminster Best in Show award-winning pooch couldn’t jump.  Birthdays?  Same thing.  If I had all of the money I’ve spent having gifts overnighted I wouldn’t be writing this.  I would be somewhere with a tiny umbrella in my drink watching the waves meet the sand!  That being said, there is one thing I don’t put on the to-do list for another day and that is preparing my family for an emergency.September 1st marks the beginning of National Preparedness Month and it’s a great time to become aware and prepare of what needs to be done to protect your family in an emergency.  Survive-a-Storm recognizes the need to prepare and provides great options for your family.  Our safe rooms and storm shelters are made with pride using only the best American steel on the market.  We provide a durable, quality shelter that fits the specific needs of your family.  We have an extensive range of models that can shelter entire communities right down to ones that can protect just you and your pets.  Our company never sleeps and our websites 24/7 online chat feature is proof.  We can answer your questions anytime.  Want to see one in person before you buy?  We have our units in all of the Oklahoma Home Depots with a sample of our safe rooms and storm shelters ready for you.  Our onsite tornado safety experts can handle your toughest questions on everything ranging from financing to installations.  We’re here to help you prepare for the worst.
Out of time in Missouri as a car heads straight towards a tornado.

So make the time!

Save your procrastinations for something simple like painting that spare bedroom that no one ever sees.   That can always wait until tomorrow!  Don’t procrastinate on the important stuff like protecting your family!  Give us a call, check us out on the web, or come by our Oklahoma showroom today!  Now I’m off to start my new diet and do some laundry…
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