Tornado Weather - How Will I Know When to Worry?

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Tornado weather is unpredictable and chaotic.  Especially since tornadoes can wreak havoc on large and small communities alike, from large businesses to small families.  Science has yet to find a way to give advanced notice of impending tornadoes.  Even hurricanes have a few day's lead time, so those being impacted can make the decision to batten down the hatches or leave town.  So then, what are some ways to be prepared when weather conditions are favorable for tornadoes?

Well to begin, when the skies turn dark, listen to TV or radio newscasts for up-to-date information on the current weather.  Chances are if you see the dark storm clouds rolling in, your local news station is already reporting any danger that might be possible.

If news reports are unavailable to you in that moment, then know what danger signs to look for.  Things that precede a tornado include things like large hail, a greenish colored sky, and a low-lying cloud that rotates.  It is this supercell storm that produces the funnel clouds in the sky.  Once those funnel cloud touch the ground, you have yourself a tornado, which will have the deafening roar like that of a large freight train.

Besides knowing what to look for, it is important to have a safety plan in place for you and your loved ones.  This includes having a plan in place and knowing where to go no matter your situation.  A safety kit is also helpful in the event you or a family member gets hurt, needs water, wants a snack, etc.  Every safety kit can be modified for your own needs.  So be knowledgeable, get prepared, and be ready!

Tornado Safety Tips
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