The Great Weather Pendulum: October

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A pendulum is something that tends to move from one position, condition, etc., to the opposite extreme and then back again. In the case of the weather in October, the temperature pendulum causes people in many states to pull out sweaters, blankets, and boots. People begin dressing in layered clothing before heading out to work, class, or running errands only to peel them off as the day goes on. More people lose their excess clothing throughout the month of October than any other month. (That's a fact, right?!) Once the evening hours come around, these same people re-layer clothes as the night temperatures begin to drop again.

There is no doubt about it—winter is heading our way. But first - October and the weather pendulum.

So why is there such a large fluctuation in temperatures in October, and how will this affect tornado weather? October is not as big a month for tornadoes in the United States as it is for England. Because the weather is mild for the most part, and the ground is yet to be frozen, October is a great month to prepare for the upcoming spring storm season. This is important, especially considering that by the time the ground begins to thaw in some states, tornado season is upon us and the line for storm shelter installations is typically much longer. So instead of waiting until after the holidays or until winter is over, October is a great month to get your family protected. Even with the weather pendulum swinging through the gusty fall winds, we cannot think of a more perfect time to have your storm shelter installed. Whether you want an above-ground tornado safe room, an underground bunker, or even a panic room, all of our products provide peace of mind and comfort to our customers. And our products can be purchased in any of the lower 48 states, and if within our service area, our team will even do the installation! So if you would like to know more, and you would like to prepare for upcoming weather events and such, we can be reached at 888-360-1492. Don't delay! Call today!

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