Why Do Most Tornado Outbreaks Happen in the Spring?

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Even though tornadoes are chaotic and unpredictable, they tend to have their peak season when the weather is changing.  When cold air mixes with warm air, conditions are more favorable for supercell storms which can spawn tornadoes.  It is this instability in the atmosphere which wreaks havoc throughout tornado alley.  The breakdown in atmosphere can cause tornadoes to become more prevalent.  As the U.S. weather patterns begin to change, and where April showers bring May flowers, keep in mind the importance of watching and listening to the weather.

The eastern half of the United States is typically the hardest hit with the most tornado outbreaks.

However, that is not to say tornadoes cannot strike anywhere.  In fact, Alaska is the only state to have a long-term annual average of 0 tornadoes, even though tornadoes have been spotted there in the past.  Meanwhile, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma rank as the top 3 states for tornadoes, in that order.  So, while tornadoes can seem to strike anywhere at any time, it is the beautiful days of spring and even the fall.  Typically, when weather patterns are changing, thunderstorms are more common.  Always be aware, and always be prepared.

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You should have a family safety action plan in place and ready for when you need it.

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