Storm Cellar Shopping? Plan Ahead!

With tornado season mostly over, and we move into the Winter months, it is important to remember next season, and the protection of our self and families. A Steel storm cellar is the best solution for long term investment. There is none of the wear and tear that happens with storm cellars constructed from other materials.

Mother  in Support of Storm Cellar

In the news, due to Moore, Oklahoma's deadly tornado, was the story of a woman who had lost her son along with 7 other children. The deadly tornado struck without enough warning, and the kids had no place that was safe.  (Read article at Church Group Donates Storm SheltersMothers are not the only ones concerned about protecting their children, so are groups. Rockport Church, near Austin, Texas, have donated funds for the addition of storm cellars for up to 40 families in Oklahoma.Why a Storm Cellar?
A storm cellar is normally thought of as an underground tornado cellar. With that in mind, concrete storm cellars are not a great idea in soils that freeze in winter since it puts stresses on concrete walls. Also, high water tables may flood your storm cellar. Choosing another material is a wise decision. Survive-a-Storm Shelters manufactures steel storm cellars to suit any storm cellar needs. Take a look at our underground Estate storm cellar model today, and protect your family tomorrow.Call today to speak to one of our many tornado shelter experts who can help you decide on the best type of shelter for your needs.  You can find our shelters in many of the Home Depot locations across the U.S. or you can call us at 888-360-1492.

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