New Underground Storm Shelter Design

We here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters are big fans of improvement. That is why we have a new underground storm shelter design just in time for the 2012 tornado season! We know that no one person ever has all the answers, and everyone is welcome to voice their opinion. In this kind of environment, people feel free to toss around ideas, and you’ll often see two people bent over a project with heads together, working on improving efficiency, quality, or presentation.  This approach to our work is what keeps us ahead of the competition, from our technology and construction techniques to our excellent customer service.Recently we made some structural changes tour storm shelter line and introduced a new underground storm shelter design. These changes make our underground storm shelters more secure as well as more streamlined and simple to install. The overall design of these underground storm shelters remains the same; they are still as sturdy and well-crafted as ever. The changes only make our storm shelters better.

Air Vents on New Underground Storm Shelter Design

The first thing we have done is to change the design of the air vents. If you visited our site or one of our dealerships in the past, you may have noticed the “candy canes” sticking out of the top. Those trademark curved pipes were for ventilation; it allowed for a good amount of air flow while keeping out wind and rain.  Today the air vents are built into the side walls at the top of the stair. They are covered with a screen to keep out leaves and bugs, while the upper lip of the shelter door shields the vent openings from any rainfall. While I’ll personally miss seeing those “candy canes” riding off on the back of a semi, I do have to say the new look is very sleek and will not be as conspicuous in customers’ yards.

Extended Floor on New Underground Tornado Shelters

The second major improvement we recently made was an “extended floor” on our new underground storm shelter design. It is a simple yet genius solution. This upgrade came about from one of the best teachers: experience.  In the past, we anchored the shelters into the ground with large anchors connected to straps. This method works well to keep shelters in the ground in dry areas, but we began to notice variances in areas with a higher water table. Some shelters were rising with the water after heavy rainfall, actually pushing up out of the ground. We couldn’t have that. Our engineers got together to come up with an answer, and they came up with something brilliant. Now we have what we call the extended floor. On two ends of the shelter, steel beams extend longer than the shelter itself. Picture an “L” shape on either side of the shelter. When we bury the shelter in the ground, the dirt that fills in the hole covers these extended floor sections, the weight of which keeps the shelter in the ground without exception. There is also space in between the beams for any water run-off. Anchors are still an option, and recommended for you if you feel the need for them. However, the extra equipment that we previously utilized in installations is obsolete, making installation easier and cheaper.

Call Survive-a-Storm Shelters about Our New Underground Storm Shelters

If you are a customer or potential customer, please feel free to give us a call with any questions, concerns, or new ideas. Your safety and comfort are important to us!Note: This product has been updated for the current season.  We recommend that you visit the Underground Storm Shelters page of our website for current model information.

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