New Tornado Research Attempts to Provide Seasonal Forecasts

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This week, we shared an NPR report on new tornado research and the National Weather Service's use of software called SMART. The Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit could allow first responders to target areas that most need the help and give those in the path of the storm a few extra seconds to reach their storm shelters.But weather researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Severe Storms Laboratory and elsewhere may be able to go that one better. The researchers  are working on a new method they hope will allow emergency responders to prepare for tornadoes weeks ahead of time and warn residents a few days in advance.

Severe Weather With Technology Continues to Improve

The development of seasonal forecasts based on climate data could be years away, though, according to Harold Brooks, senior research scientist at the laboratory based in Norman, Okla. Researchers are looking at how seasonal temperatures and trending weather patterns interact with tornado outbreaks.Such seasonal tornado forecasts could help emergency managers prepare well in advance for likely periods of tornadoes, giving officials the opportunity to remind community members about tornado safety preparations

Projecting First Seasonal Tornadoes

Researchers at Columbia University have put together the first seasonal outlook for tornadoes in the U.S. It could serve as a prototype for what an official forecast might look like in the future, according to Brooks.According to this year's forecast, we should expect an average tornado season. That means roughly 1,000 tornadoes nationwide.

Prepare today

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