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Learning to Trust: An Above Ground Safe Room

If you have yet to purchase your very own above ground safe room, there is no better time than now.  Peak season for tornadoes is typically in the spring, and then a second season rolls through in the fall months.  Since the spring season was unusually quiet this year, rumor has it that we might not be so lucky in these upcoming months.

How safe is an above ground safe room against an EF5 tornado?

People often wonder about the safety of above ground storm shelters.  However, research has shown that they can be just as effective, if not even more so, than their underground counterparts.  Easy access is a main selling point, especially for the handicapped and the elderly.  The ability to walk or roll a wheelchair directly into safety is much easier than trying to find a way underground with limited mobility.

Many children and pets prefer above ground safe rooms, too!

Most people are under the assumption that an above ground storm shelter will be ripped from the concrete along with their home.  That is simply not true.  The damage that a tornado causes comes from the wind velocity, not its suction.  This is why a storm shelter needs rigorous debris impact testing to ensure that it can hold up in the forceful winds of an EF5 tornado.  It is only when these winds can get underneath objects when they become airborne.

Choosing the right company to manufacture and install your above ground safe room is essential.

No matter the strength and durability of the actual storm shelter itself, the key to making sure an above ground safe room stays ‘on the ground’ is dependent on the anchoring system used.  Survive-a-Storm only trusts the strength and technology of the Red Head anchoring system.  In business since 1910, Red Head invented concrete anchoring technology.  To this day, they lead the industry in innovative and high quality anchor designs.  When we use Red Head wedge anchors to bolt our safe rooms to concrete, we sleep easy, knowing that our customers won’t be blown away in the next tornado.

The psi of concrete we use matters, too.  And while we won’t give away all of our secrets to success, we will say that we use the best anchoring system, have all of our storm shelters degree-impact tested as often as necessary, and are active members of the National Storm Shelter Association.We aren’t in this market to just make a buck or two.  We like giving people peace of mind—an insurance policy of sorts. Someone one said it was like having a spare tire.  You don’t want to have to use it, but it is nice knowing it is there if you need it.  We sell our units in hopes that our customers never have to use it, but are equally at peace in knowing that if they have to use it, it WILL save their lives.We have done our research.  Now we want you to do yours.  Research us. Check out our units at many of The Home Depot locations across the US.  And then give us a call at 888-360-1492 to find out our easy financing options and to be put on the installation calendar before the next tornado decides to blow through your town.  Don’t delay, call today!

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