Tornado Relief : How to Help

There is never the perfect plan for an emergency, however having a plan is essential to survival.  Some of the most helpful resources to help you develop your own plan can be found through a quick google search. is an organization that helps with emergency preparedness with the help of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  This organization educates on how to make an emergency plan, what kinds of supplies to place in your disaster supplies kit, and how to prepare for specific emergencies. not only wants adults involved, but kids are encouraged to be educated on emergency preparedness as well.  Every September, they host National Preparedness Month to heighten awareness of specific threats and appropriate responses. The Red Cross is another organization that cares about Emergency Preparedness.  Not only do they have their own safety kits, they respond to emergencies by donating their time, accepting donations to help people affected by tragedies, and set-up various blood donation centers to help save the lives of others.  If you are looking to volunteer, Red Cross has a place for you. There are other organizations that reach out to those who are hurting or in need after any kind of natural or man-made disaster, you only need to search.  After a tornado devastates an area, the list of necessary supplies to help families get back on their feet is seemingly endless.  Every bit of assistance helps.  Your kindness won’t go unnoticed.
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