Shelter Options with Survive-a-Storm

Additional Shelter Options to Add to Your Comfort and Safety

While you hopefully won’t spend much time inside your shelter or safe room, there are several shelter options you may want to consider which will make you feel more comfortable and secure.

  • Jack - We offer a hydraulic jack with our below ground shelters. Sometimes during a tornado, the shelter door will be blocked by heavy debris such as a tree falling on it. While a shelter will save your life during the storm, you don’t want to be trapped inside after the storm. A hydraulic jack will push up against the door with more power than a human, freeing you from the shelter.
  • Bunks -Bunks are our most popular option, as they offer a place to sit or lie down while waiting out a bad storm. The bunks are made of the same steel as the walls of the shelter and are welded onto two facing walls. Bunks are only available in our Below Max Model or in our community style safe rooms, where they are benches running along the walls and down the middle walkway of the safe room.
  • Shelves -Some customers ask for shelving to be welded into the corners of their below ground shelter. These shelves can be used as extra storage. You will want to speak with one of our representatives to discuss dimensions and pricing.
  • Fan - A battery operated, camping style fan is available. It’s nice to have some air flow when you are sheltering in a steel enclosure.
  • Double entrance - Want a shelter that can be entered from both inside and outside your home? Ask for a custom shelter with a double entrance. You will want to consider installation with this option. Some customers who are building new homes will like this option, and can have the shelter installed before pouring the concrete in their new garage.
  • Handicap Accessiblity - Any of our shelters can be modified to accommodate people with disabilities and the elderly. We can make the doors wider to fit chairs, and we can make steps shorter and closer together to make walking up and down easier. Customizing for disabilities is no problem at all; if you have an idea for making your shelter more accessible to you and your loved ones, we would be more than happy to discuss making it happen for you.

Survive-a-Storm Shelters is a company in the business of saving lives with our storm shelters, and that’s because we really do care about people. We want to make our customers happy. So if you have ideas for a custom shelter or other shelter options you'd like us to consider,  please call 888-360-1492 and talk to us. We’re here for you.

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