Stay Safe in Storm Shelters

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It’s no secret that nature can be a very violent, scary force that can wreak havoc on lives and property. Remember watching the coverage of the EF-5 killer tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in May of 2013?  Being safe and protected is the number one priority when it comes to dangerous weather. Tornadoes in particular can pose the most danger when they occur; they have the capability of whirling winds in excess of 300 miles per hour with a damage path that can exceed 50 miles long! Tornado season typically runs its course from March through August, but other strong storms can happen at any time.

With that said, the 2014 tornado season has been relatively quiet but tornadoes can still occur at a moment’s notice especially in the Heartland also commonly known as “Tornado Alley.”

Tornadoes can occur so rapidly that little, if any, advance warning is possible. However, there are options that can keep you and your family safe from Mother Nature. You can install storm shelters that can be placed below or above ground, but which choice is the best for you?

Underground Safe Rooms

Underground storm shelters can typically be placed anywhere below ground and many who opt for them choose to place them in backyards. A team of highly skilled professionals can excavate a hole large enough in your yard to fit various sized storm shelters underground. These shelters feature steps or a ladder that lead down into the shelter – providing you with superior protection against the worst of storms. However, this option may not be suitable to you if you have trouble climbing stairs or ladders. What other choices do you have?

Above Ground Safe Rooms

Above ground storm shelters offer the same exact protection that underground models feature which can be appealing for older adults. Instead of climbing stairs or ladders, you can walk right in and easily close the door behind you. These shelters can be placed in existing structures like garages or carports or anywhere else in your yard. The placement is virtually limitless because all you need is a concrete pad that is suitable for mounting the shelter. Although tornado season is in full swing, it’s never too late to install an above ground storm shelter because they can provide useful space all year round.

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Other Benefits of Storm Shelters

Since you will have this extra space for superior protection, why not utilize it all year long when storms aren’t causing havoc in your region. They are versatile enough to use as a panic room in the event an intruder enters your property because they feature heavy-duty interlocking door mechanisms. This can give you ultimate protection against any unwanted visitors.Looking for a walk-in closet? Any storm shelter can be customized and outfitted to not only keep you safe but also provide you with more room to store clothes, valuables and other belongings that you aren’t able to store anywhere else in your home. Are you a hunter or gun collector? Storm shelters can act as a gun safe, keeping your rifles, firearms or collectibles out of the hands of unwanted users.   Knowing that your storm shelter is compliant with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards gives you peace of mind when investing in such protection. With the safety of storm shelters, modern day conveniences like electric, cable and telephone service can be installed for further comfort during the worst weather emergencies.As you can see, there are many other uses for a storm shelter in addition to protecting you and your family from dangerous weather elements. It can mean extra space when the weather is quiet, but bring you peace of mind when danger strikes. Do not take your safety for granted during a relatively quiet storm season; making the investment now can mean life or death later.  give us a call today at 888-360-1492 to find a safe room to fit your needs.

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