Oklahoma Weather—Strange and Unusual

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 So far, Mother Nature seems to be in stealth mode where tornadoes are concerned.  Is she is just being lazy or is this the calm before the storm?  Either way, the fact that not one tornado has been recorded in the state of Oklahoma since October 21, 2017 leaves many residents thankful for the quiet.  Rick Smith, the warning coordination meteorologist in Norman, Oklahoma understands that while “every day in April or May without a tornado is a wonderful day” he also says, “it is past time to be ready for tornadoes”.

Let’s face it, the season is upon us.  Tornadoes are already being recorded within miles of the state lines, where the Texas Panhandle and Arkansas have already been hit.  Some meteorologists have predicted an outbreak in Oklahoma for this week, and hope that the silent beginning of tornado season hasn’t fooled Oklahomans into not being prepared.  Everyone should already have their storm shelter cleaned out and ready, or at least a safety plan in place.

Rick Smith also believes it shouldn’t matter if 10 tornadoes are expected, or just one, “routine preparedness is best”.

No one ever wants to live in fear of what could happen, but anyone living in the heart of tornado alley should make owning a tornado shelter and having a safety plan set in place their top priority.

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