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Above Ground Shelters: Tested and Approved

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Last Updated: July 28, 2016 It seems as though for some people, the thought of trusting above ground shelters is ludicrous and unheard of.  Some people even prefer to 'chance the storm' versus finding protection in a tornado safe room, especially if that place of safety comes in the form of an above ground room.  So many people are clinging to old ideas and stories that assume it is safer to outrun a tornado than it is to place your trust in a man-made structure.  That is simply not true in today's world.

The United States sees more tornadoes on average than any other country in the world.  In 2015, 244 tornadoes touched down in the state of Texas alone, the highest number of tornadoes ever recorded.   Because of those tornadoes, seventeen people lost their lives.  Could they have been saved?  Quite possibly, especially if they had a safe place to go.

So what's so safe about above ground shelters?

Larry Tanner of the Texas Tech Wind Institute has been researching tornadoes and their wind and debris damage for years.   He understands that for years people have been told for years that the only safe place to be during a tornado is underground.  Tanner states, "That is simply not true."  Larry Tanner has spent years researching shelters, and he has yet to see one fail.  Unfortunately, people think they can find safety in ditches, basements, and even cellars.  Tanner went on, "I could show you hundreds of photos of ditches full of propane tanks, cars, all kinds of debris impaling the ground—dead cows, you name it—how safe was that ditch? Not very. I’ve seen cellars with doors blown off, with debris down inside that cellar. How safe was that cellar? Not very. I’ve seen basements full of debris.”   Besides, who wants to take their chances running out into the weather to try and protect themselves from it?!So now that we have consulted an expert on the idea of above ground storm shelters, how can one know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the company people are choosing for their own above ground shelters is legit?  Besides having units go through debris impact testing, a good company will become Producer Members of the National Storm Shelter Association and who manufacture or construct storm shelters that are in compliance with the Association Standard in the manufacture and installation or construction of shelters.  These companies will have NSSA seals which allows consumers to know that storm shelters from these companies are supported by the NSSA.

One of the best things about above ground shelters is accessibility.

For instance, someone who is in a wheelchair, or who has trouble going up and downstairs can easily step inside an above ground shelter.  And furthermore, tornado shelters above ground can be placed inside a garage, under a carport, or inside a spare room in your home.  There is no need to go out into the nasty weather to find shelter.The team at Survive-a-Storm Shelters prides itself on excelling in the debris impact testing from the Texas Tech Wind Institute, on being a Producer Member of the NSSA, and for being FEMA Compliant.  We also pride ourselves on being close with our customers.  Since we keep contact with them whenever a tornado comes through their county with our free GeoLocator service, we always seem to get to know our people better.  And we love providing comfort and peace of mind.  That is our mission here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters.  And we want everyone to have the opportunity to have near-absolute protection.   Give us a call today at 888-360-1492.

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