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The Affordable Underground Bunkers - Built to Protect

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 There has always been a debate of whether or not a corrugated steel bunker is superior to a steel, square underground bunker. For many years, it was thought that the rounded, ribbed piping was the best for manufacturing large underground bunkers; however, as engineering has developed innovative ideas of creating stronger structures, it felt only natural to take those developments to a higher, or in this case, a lower, underground level.A corrugated pipe, when placed underground, has one point of pressure to which any dirt that is thrown on top must bear the brunt of. You’ll rarely, if ever, see a supporting beam or walls that help support the curved walls of the steel cylinder to keep it from collapsing under the weight of the earth above. However, in our Off The Grid… affordable underground bunkers, we have structural angle and channel reinforcements, as well as a tubular exoskeleton for extra support. The weight of the world is literally spread over the entire unit, unlike the rounded pipe bunkers of old where the top pressure point is expected to withstand the weight.Underground Bunker

Affordable Underground Bunkers – Protection for Family and Friends

Now we won’t compromise on the way we build our survival shelters, safe rooms, survival bunkers and more because we understand what is required to withstand rust, water leaks, corrosion and other elements that can damage a bunker. What we do offer, however, is a variety of sizes, floor plans, and amenities that can help you make your underground bunker unique for you. And owning a survival bunker isn’t just trending for the rich or for the prepper community. Owning a an affordable underground bunker will become the norm for all who are seeking a safe haven from the crazy events happening in our world today.If you think you’re alone in feeling like you want your very own underground bunker, think again. More and more people are seeking us out every single day for their very own bunker. Done be left out in the dark.

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