Take Shelter from Tornadoes—But Not There!

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To ditch or not to ditch, THAT is the question. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were driving down the road and spotted a tornado heading your way? Our nature might direct us towards the nearest underpass and hide there until it is over. Surely an underpass is strong enough to shield vehicles seeking shelter, right? Wrong! You will want to seek shelter inside any nearby sturdy building. If that is not an option, find a ditch, but try to get as far away from your vehicle as possible so the winds do not roll or toss it on top of you. Be sure to cover your head. Ideally, having a helmet of any kind would be great, but that is not always an option. So, do your best to keep your head down and covered to avoid head injuries and trauma.


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If you happen to be at home or in some type of building or shelter, avoid windows, and move into the centermost parts like a hallway or a bathroom. Typically, the further in you can go, the more walls that a tornado must tear down to get to you. Never stay in a mobile home during a tornado. Always make sure you have a shelter or sturdy building to ride out the storm. Unless you live in a mobile home and must seek shelter elsewhere, never leave your home to try to outrun a tornado. Tornadoes are unpredictable and can change their path quickly.

It is always best to have a family safety plan in place in the event of tornadoes or other natural or manmade disasters. And while very few people can go through a tornadic event unscathed, being prepared can make all the difference between lives saved and lives lost. Know where to go, and where not to go—what to do, and what not to do, and put your own family safety plan together today!

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