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underground steel storm shelter models
Installed underground garage models under carport and in a garage



Survive-a-Storm GarageCube Underground Storm Shelters

Survive-a-Storm GarageCube underground storm shelters are the ideal solution for use in a garage or outbuilding with a concrete slab floor. Our expert installation team marks and cuts the concrete floor and then uses a mini excavator and other tools to extract concrete and dirt to create an opening for the shelter.  The shelter is then lowered into the opening, which is backfilled with concrete.  The shelter’s lid is set with the quarter-inch thick lid overlapping the opening.  This list is bolted to the concrete slab for a clean an finished appearance.

The GarageCube underground garage storm shelters have a FEMA rated capacity of 10 persons.  The shelter is powder coated, and steps come equipped with anti-slip treads for your safety.  The GarageCube is also equipped with a mounting point and winch, so that the door can be forced open from inside the shelter in the event that it becomes obstructed with debris.

GarageCube Underground Storm Shelters

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Survive-a-Storm Estate & Max Underground Storm Shelters

The Survive-a-Storm Estate & Max underground storm shelters are perfect for installing in a yard or field exterior to a home or building.  These shelters can be installed in a matter of a few hours.  The Estate and Max underground tornado shelters accommodate from 10 to 16 occupants, with the Max Extended mode accommodating 30+ occupants (though FEMA residential storm shelters are rated to a maximum of 16 occupants regardless of size).

The max compact model offers a vertical staircase, which affords additional room at the end of the shelter where the steps would normally be located.  Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with the Survive-a-Storm Estate and Max underground storm shelter models. These shelters are rated to withstand 205 MPH EF5 tornado winds.

Estate Model Underground Storm Shelters

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Max Model Underground Storm Shelters

Max Model Underground Residential Storm Shelter Specifications
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Max Compact Underground Storm Shelters

Max Compact Model Underground Residential Storm Shelter
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Max Extended Underground Storm Shelters

Max Extended Model Underground Residential Storm Shelter Specifications
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