We Do More Than Install Your Storm Shelter: We Care About You

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 When you have a Survive-a-Storm shelter installed, that’s just the beginning.  We dust off our hands and head for home that day, but our relationship with you doesn’t end there.  We stay in touch with you. And we do that because we care about you.  We also do that because we’re happy and proud to be part of a process that protects people and saves lives.

We care about you!  Here’s what that means to you.

We care about you This newly installed Survive-a-Storm TwisterPod was still standing, with the family safe inside, after a May 6, 2015, tornado.
This newly installed Survive-a-Storm TwisterPod was still standing, with the family safe inside, after a May 6, 2015, tornado.

Home visit after the storm

Survive-a-Storm representative Jina hurried out to visit Mary after receiving the picture at right. It shows Mary’s recently installed TwisterPod that was still standing after a May 6 tornado. Mary and her family were safely in the shelter when the tornado hit, and Jina wanted to extend her support in person.Jina’s email with photos attached made the rounds of our staff. The response was immediate, including one from Kaitlin, the Survive-a-Storm representative who helped Mary choose her shelter and set up the installation.Here are a few of our staff’s comments:

I’m thrilled I could help protect her! 🙂 – KaitlinWhat a pretty little pod we have, and strong, too!  Great Job, Kaitlin and everyone else who is a part of this process!  I am beyond proud to be a part of this great company! – Sharon MariePretty awesome! – Jeff

Best customer service ever

This attitude of caring and pride is apparent during the installation process, too, as the text below shows. We We care about youreceived it earlier this week from happy and satisfied customer Deb.She said she could finally sleep peacefully at night, thanks to her new Survive-a-Storm shelter — and “the best customer service” she’s ever had. And that, she assured us, is priceless.

Keeping our word

We also get emails like this one from Laura, thanking us for our personal service:

I want to say thank you. We have been through storms again … and again your company called to see if we were alright …This is so touching to have someone call and simply ask “Are you alright?” it really does mean a lot.  It’s touching to simply have someone care and call and say are you ok?Thank you for being a company that cares and is good to your word too.And yes, I felt very safe in my above ground twister-pod.  It’s storm shelter I will continue to recommend to others.

How we care about you:

At Survive-a-Storm Shelters we care enough to offer the kind of personal service illustrated above. We also care enough to provide you with the highest quality, most reliable residential storm shelters sold in America. Our full line of above and below ground shelters provide near absolute protection. FEMA-compliant Survive-a-Storm Shelters have been tried and tested and are able to withstand winds and debris from any EF5 tornado.You can find our products inside many of The Home Depot® stores in states like Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.  They even sell our units on their website at www.homedepot.com. So come check us out on the web at www.survive-a-storm.com or call 888-360-1492.


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