Panic Room: Make Mine Bulletproof

Technology to Detect Bullets Outside a Bulletproof Panic Room

As if tornadoes are not enough of a threat to require a panic room, protecting yourself from emergency situations is becoming more and more important with crime rates high across the nation.According to the San Francisco Chronicle, The more quickly first responders get accurate information, the better. “Knowing information like the number of shooters, where the shots were actually fired, and the information of where the suspects currently may be, as well as the possible type of weapons being fired, is critical to how to respond quickly and put an end to the threat.”The technology for this type of technology is called ShotSpotter. Although this product would need to be used in tandem with a bulletproof safe room or other protection, the use of this technology could be beneficial as indoor sensors in schools, malls, college campuses, airports and military bases.

panic room
A stocked up panic room
panic room
A panic room ready to go

Survive-a-Storm’s Bulletproof Panic Room

We start with hot-rolled 10-gauge plate and process the steel through our automated equipment. The steel is bent to form structural channels and is then reinforced, giving you the strongest panel design available in the panic shelter market.Our home or small office version is called the Defender Vault. It is available in three sizes (4’x4′, 6’x6′, and 8’x8′). The DefenderVault is a spacious bulletproof panic room, and can accommodate up to sixteen occupants.Contact us today to find out more about our panic rooms by calling 888-360-1492.  The Survive-a-Storm safe room can be used as a bullet proof panic room.  When faced with danger in your home, let the panic room keep you safe.  Let us help you find the right unit to suit all of your needs whether you need protection from storms, or from other outside elements.  One of our shelter experts can help you today.

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