Movie versus the Grim Reality

In the movie the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s house is caught up in a “twister,” and she lands smack in the middle of a wonderland. She makes new friends, has magical adventures, and even becomes something of a hero. At the end of the movie, she wakes up with a bump on the head, and everyone she knows and loves is safe and sound.

But that’s a Hollywood movie.

In the real world, tornadoes rip houses to shreds, destroy crops, and injure, maim, and kill people and animals. It’s hard to watch the news after a tornado, even a “small” one. Homes are often decimated, and cars become mangled heaps of metal and glass. People suffer broken bones, deep gashes, punctures, bruises, and burns. People die.We here at Survive-a-Storm Shelters speak daily with people who have survived tornadoes. They tell us not only about destroyed property; they sometimes speak of lost spouses, parents, and children. Their reality is that their family members are no longer alive; they didn’t make it through the storm; they didn’t miraculously crawl out from under a collapsed house. It saddens us to hear and share these stories, but it reminds us of our humanity. We don’t just come to a job every day. We’re here to keep families safe, so that after a tornado, the anguish over the loss of a home isn’t compounded by the indescribable sorrow of losing a loved one.Storm shelters SAVE LIVES.

aftermath of a tornado not movie
The aftermath of a real tornado, not a movie.
FEMA compliant steel storm shelters not a movie
This is just one of the reasons we believe in the durability of steel storm shelters.

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